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Carr Valley Cheese - Est. 1883

Our commitment to quality products and sustainable business practices starts at the source. We are proud to say that our milk has been sourced from small farms for generations.

Our long-standing relationship with these farms is a testament to the quality of the milk and the dedication of our suppliers. We take great pride in using the freshest and most nutritious milk for our customers.

Wisconsin farmers have perfected the art of creating unique flavors in their products by allowing their animals to graze on the terroir. This type of grazing provides the animals with a variety of different plants and grasses, resulting in a complex and delicious flavor profile. We are so lucky to have access to these unique Wisconsin flavors to make award-winning cheeses.

Our number one goal is to provide consumers with the finest products, and as Sid always says, "you can't make high-quality cheese without high-quality milk!"

All Natural - rBST-Free - Local
Sid Cook with Fresh Cheese Curds
Sid Cook - Owner of Carr Valley Cheese
Bob Koenig - Licensed Cheesemaker

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