Fresh Cheese Curds
Fresh Cheese Curds
Cheese Curds
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Fresh Cheese Curds

Fresh Cheese Curds


12 oz or 5 lb

Have the taste of Wisconsin shipped to your door. Our “World Famous” Cheddar Cheese Curds are made fresh daily to ensure great flavor and squeaky texture. Can be eaten fresh or deep-fried for a crowd-pleasing appetizer!

*Please note that our cheese curds are fresh and do not contain any preservatives. Store in refrigeration for 5-7 days or freeze to extend the shelf life. Pro tip: let the cheese curds sit out to thaw or throw them in the microwave on defrost for 10-15 seconds to bring back the squeak!


Granny Smith apple, Carr Valley Kitchen Harvest Apple Butter, our very own Cheese Curd Batter


pasteurized cultured cow milk, salt, enzymes, annatto



2nd place 2013 American Cheese Society Competition

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